My NNUForum Income Program Preview

Is NNU Income Program legit? my answer to this question is yes, NNU is legit, there is so many doubts about the authenticity of this platform due to what happened to V1 of the NNU platform.

That is online business for you, there is no legit online business out there without running into some obstacles but, what matters most is the ability of the platform to overcome it and come back strong.

That is exactly what is going on with NNU.

As a member of it’s V1, the good news is that you can transfer your V1 earning to V2 and cash out, terms and conditions applied

What does this mean to you? It means that if you have earnings on nnu v1, all your available data and profits will move to nnu V2.

So, no need to panic over your V1 earnings.

Now, there shouldn’t be any reason for you to doubt if NNU is legit or not.

Introduction To NNUforum Income Program V2

NNUforum income program V2 was launched on September this year to replace/support the V1 in other for all pending payment on V1 to be attended to.

NNUforum income program is one of the most paying programs that exist in Nigeria.

However, many sites have claimed to pay the best and end up scamming people for it.

With the NNUforum income platform, it seems to be different.

In this post, I will be telling you what you need to know about the NNU Income Program (NIP).

Before you invest your hard-earned money, take your precious time and read about the NNU income program.

What You Will Learn About NNU Income Program (NIP).

You need to know about NNU Income Program

  • How To Join NNU and Make Money.
  • When the NNU Income Program was founded.
  • Why the NNU Income Program exists.

What Is NNU Income Program(NIP?)

NNU Income Program (NIP) is a program that is set to deal with the financial problem amongst the youth, undergraduates, students, and stay at home individuals also whoever that wish to take advantage of Making money online.

NNU means Nigeria News Update. This program allows you to make money by reading, commenting and sharing sponsored articles and even when you log in daily.

Who Is The Founder Of NNU?

A Nigeria internet marketer found NNU (Nigeria News Update), his name is Paul Samson. He has not only created the best news reading platform in Nigeria.

But he also created an easy way you and I can make money by reading articles, sharing contents and learning as well.

There are a lot of news websites that do not pay you a dime for reading a full passage of any news updated.

Paul Samson Created the Idea, and many Nigeria Internet Marketers (IMers) joined him for doing so.

Without further ado, let us get started, shall we?

How To Make Money On NNU Income Program.

For you to be able to join NNU and make money, you need to perform some specific actions ranging from referring, reading news and commenting daily.

1 NARS: NNU Revenue Sharing —

NNU shares their Ad Revenue with you when you do activities like

2 NAP: NNU Affiliate Program —

NAP is an Affiliate Program that lets you earn even more money. You can be an affiliate ONLY when you are subscribed to the N1,400 NNU pack.

You do not need to apply to become an affiliate, with the One-time NNU Registration Fee, you will be automatically be added as an affiliate.

With NAP, you will earn N1,000 on every successfully referred signup, that’s people that join NNU through your NNU Affiliate Link or Username. You will earn Instant N1,000 naira on every successful sign-ups.

Now if you can refer at least up to ten or more people, you stand a chance of earning N10,000 naira or more anytime any day.

Introducing New Types Of Earners On NNU V2

On the NNU forum AKA NNU income program, there are two types of earners which I am going to explain below. Each Phase has its benefit, but one is better. I will also show you how to grow your earnings below.

Fast Earners

These groups of earners are people who earn 20k above and must be referrals. They get paid fast at the end of the month during the payroll.

Slow Earners

These groups of earners on nnu are the persons who earn below 19k and will be paid after the fast earners batch have been paid.

Now, you have to decide which category you want to belong to on nnu v2 as explained above.

Yes, a big secret that shows you how to become a fast Earner on the NNU income platform.

Do you have your registration fee of N1,400 or NNUforum E-pin ready? Follow the steps below to register. If you need the nnu E-pin, you can contact me to help you get it directly from Paul Samson.

Step 1: Click here to NNUforum Registration and fill out the form

Step 2: Make Your payment via E-pin or your ATM card (Contact me if you need help)

Here is few alerts screenshot of V2 for you to know it legit.

Register here

Do you have questions to ask regarding the nnu income platform (NNU forum)? Comment below or contact me as soon as possible.

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